Why PrimeWest?

For investors who are looking for stability and growth. PrimeWest offers the return of an equity investment while providing the security of a mortgage and tax savings. As well, more and more of today’s investors are increasingly aware of the reach of their portfolios and seek an ethical alternative. By investing in PrimeWest, investors reap the rewards of low risk and above average returns and the peace of mind of knowing where their money is being spent. Using a lower leveraging model than most nonprime mortgage lenders, we can offer a low risk alternative to very profitable, non-traditional mortgage loans.

Money invested in PrimeWest is primarily used to fund short-term residential mortgages for people who are up to 24 months away from qualifying for a traditional mortgage. Our clients include new immigrants, commission based salespeople, real estate investors, and people who have had credit difficulties in the past. PrimeWest is the only mortgage investment company in Saskatchewan to offer credit counseling to clients, to help give them the best possible start on the road to conventional home ownership. Because we don’t think that an effort to pay off debt quickly should be penalized, there are no pre-payment penalties. This enables us to use our own capital to maintain profitability rather than constantly requiring us to raise capital externally.

Especially in a hot real estate market like Saskatchewan, good quality rental housing can be very hard to find and is often unstable. Research shows that home ownership has important social and economic benefits to families, neighbourhoods and communities. PrimeWest is proud to assist these families in building their net worth, while at the same time strengthening their personal credit so they will be approved by a conventional lender in the future.

A stable investment, reputable and skilled management, helping families, and building communities – a PrimeWest investment makes a difference for you and your community.